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  Jean-Michel Monier  
  Jean-Michel Monier

Environmental Microbial Genomics Group
Laboratoire Ampère, UMR CNRS 5005
Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Université de Lyon
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  • Ph.D. Environmental Science (Microbiology), 2002, University of California, Berkeley, USA. Thesis title: The social life of epiphytic bacteria

  • M.S. Microbial Ecology, 1996, University of Lyon, France.


Microbial Fuel Cells (project coordinator)

Our research group is developing and optimising MFCs capable of generating electricity while treating wastewater. Although our research mainly focuses on the microbiology of MFCs, we benefit from close ties with electrical engineers, bioengineers and electrochemists here in the “Laboratoire Ampere” and have developed an interdisciplinary research project addressing the different aspects essential to the technology (electrical and bio-engineering, electrochemistry, microbiology). Our main research interests aim to 1) Identify the processes leading to the development of electro-active communities, 2) Improve MFC performances through a better understanding of the microbial communities, and 3) Assess the significance of extracellular electron transfer in shaping microbial communities.

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Dissemination of antibiotic resistance genetic determinants in the environment

The vast majority of antibiotics currently used for treating infections and the antibiotic resistance gene determinants (ARGD) acquired by human pathogens have an environmental origin. A better understanding of the diversity, prevalence and ecological significance of ARGD may help predict the emergence and spreading of newly acquired resistances and assess the impact of the release of large amounts of antibiotics on microbial communities and the disruption of natural ecosystems. This project explores the role of biotic and abiotic factors in the dissemination of ARGD in the soil environment.

top PUBLICATIONS (for the complete publication list click here)

Nemir A., David M., Perrussel R., Sapkota A., Simonet P., Monier J.-M. and T.M. Vogel. 2010. Bacterial community structure as a bioindicator of TCE contaminated soils. Chemosphere [Epub ahead of print].

Pontiroli A., Ceccherini M.-T., Poté J., Wildi W., Kay E., Nannipieri P., Vogel T.M., Simonet P. and J.-M. Monier. 2010. Long-term persistence and bacterial transformation potential of transplastomic plant DNA in soil. Research in Microbiology 161:326-334.

Lyon D.Y., Monier J.-M., Dupraz S., Freissinet C., Simonet P. and T.M. Vogel. 2010. Integrity and biological activity of DNA after UV exposure. Astrobiology 10:285-292.

Lyon D.Y., Buret F., Vogel T.M. and J.-M. Monier. 2010. Is resistance futile? Changing external resistance does not improve microbial fuel cell performance. Bioelectrochemistry 78:2-7.

Pontiroli A., Rizzi A., Simonet P., Daffonchio D., Vogel T.M. and J.-M. Monier. 2009. Visual evidence of horizontal gene transfer between plants and bacteria in the phytosphere of transplastomic tobacco. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75:3314-3322.

Oral communications:

Monier J.-M., David M.M., Vogel T.M. and S. Sibourg. 2010. Développement et applications de biopiles pour la valorisation des eaux usées et le contrôle en temps réel des effluents industriels et systèmes aquatiques naturels. 19èmes Journées Information Eaux, Poitiers, France (September 2010).

Monier J.-M., Mozo I, Ochoa J., Lesage N., Sperandio M. and T. M. Vogel. Treatment of xenobiotics in activated sludge and hybrid bioreactor. 13th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology - ISME 13, Seattle, USA (August 2010).

Monier J.-M., Lyon D.Y., Cécillon S., Buret F. and T.M. Vogel. Electroactive bacterial communities. 10th International Symposium on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology, Uppsalla, Sweden, (June 2009).

Niard L., Fusco N., Haddour N., Buret F., Vogel T.M. and J.-M. Monier. From Omics to Ohmics: Electricity-producing bacterial community structures in microbial fuel cells. 12th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology - ISME 12, Cairns, Australia (August 2008).

Monier J.-M. and T.M. Vogel. Metagenomic approaches to understanding MFC community structure and function. First International Microbial Fuel Cell Symposium, State College, Pennsylvania, USA (May 2008).



Monier J.-M., Haddour N. and T.M. Vogel. 2009. Production of a biofilm on an electrode for a biocell, electrode and biocell obtained. WO 2009/153499 A2.


Co-founder of ENOVEO, an Environmental Bio-Engineering consulting and analytical company created in 2008 by a team of environmental engineers, microbiologists and researchers at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (